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Hi there!

I'm Caleb.

I'm a Software Engineer, and I enjoy helping people solve problems by coming up with creative solutions. I'm also a freelancer and am always ready for a new adventure.

I love space, traveling, and enjoy a lot of outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, and lawn care to name a few (what can I say, mowing the lawn helps me attain a certain meditative state).

If you're interested in working together or just want to say hi, drop me a line.

Recent adventures


2012 - Present

Blackhawk Network, Inc.

I help develop and maintain business-to-business gift card/prepaid solutions. I'm a (certified) Scrum Master of a small team and have been a contributing member to that team for over 8 years. We build applications that utilize a Django REST framework and JavaScript architecture. I work closely with product to help prioritize new features as well as ensure our team has everything needed to deliver on time.

CashStar, Inc.

CashStar was acquired by Blackhawk Network in August of 2017.

2011 - 2012

FetchDog (Fetch Enterprises, Inc.)

Managed content for products, product updates, designed promotional campaigns, and assisted in digital marketing.

Email marketing graphic 1. Online marketing graphic 1. Online marketing graphic 2. Online marketing graphic 3. Online marketing graphic 4. Online marketing graphic 5. Online marketing graphic 6.


Client Attraction

Responsible for upkeep of the website, database software, online marketing, and customer content/accessibility to content.

Just For Fun

Space Dashboard

I always loved the International Space Station live streams and wanted to find a site that displayed fun and current space related data, but I found none. So I made one! Space Dashboard uses a lot of free and publicly available APIs from NASA to NOAA and back to NASA again (they have so many great APIs). I've enjoyed sharing this passion project with the world and have over 900,000 page views and counting since it went live back in 2016.

Website screenshot 1. Website screenshot 2. Website screenshot 3. Website screenshot 4.

Weather Curve

Just a simple weather app to help you plan your week. This uses the Dark Sky API (for now) for a lookup of weather based on either your current location or locations you enter. I was inspired by an iOS app I loved, Fresh Air, which has since been abandoned.

Website screenshot 1.



Actualized Tech: QM Mobile

Collaborated with Actualized Tech to make an iOS and Android app using NativeScript for a company that needed an interactive task manager for employees in the field.


Actualized Tech: API documentation

Assisted in creating interactive API documentation for a 3rd party.


Actualized Tech Website

Worked with a software development company to stand up a website for their firm to engage with prospective clients and design a logo for use with their branding.

Website screenshot 1. Website screenshot 2. Website screenshot 3. Website screenshot 4.

MJ’s Magic Moments

Designed and developed a small Wordpress site for a traveling photo and video booth company that wanted to showcase their work and provide a way for customers to connect with them.

Website screenshot 1. Website screenshot 2. Website screenshot 3.


Guilford Veterans of Foreign Wars

Designed posters advertising upcoming local events held by the Guilford VFW.

2010 – 2011

Lincoln’s Country Store

Designed and developed a Drupal powered website for a local Maine variety store. The site's homepage was designed to allow updating current specials offered at the store. Departments were also highlighted on the site with photographs of each department head.

Website screenshot 1. Website screenshot 2. Website screenshot 3.

2009 – 2010

Informed Green Solutions

I worked closely with the founder to design branding materials including a logo, letterhead, and business cards. I also designed and developed a website built on top of a Drupal backend which allowed uploading documents and articles. The intent of the site was to help educate the public and promote purchasing environmentally friendly cleaning products for home, schools, and workplaces.

Website screenshot 1. Website screenshot 2. Website screenshot 3. Website screenshot 4. Website screenshot 5. Website screenshot 6.


Electronic Journalism Arts (EJA) - News 7

I was hired to revise the broadcast graphics and logo used for the local news station in Lyndonville, VT. I worked closely with the studio staff to develop graphics appropriate for broadcast television. I also designed and developed an updated website for the news station to live stream their broadcasts and showcase their staff and community impact.

News 7 television graphics 1. News 7 television graphics 2. News 7 television graphics 3. News 7 television graphics 4. News 7 television graphics 5. News 7 website screenshot 1.

Clothes to Perfection

I edited and revised fashion images directly from photo shoots for online marketing.

EJA Department - Lyndon State College

The Electronic Journalism Arts department needed a website to showcase their department, curriculum, and staff. This was a site designed and developed for educating prospective students about what the school had to offer.

Website screenshot 1. Website screenshot 2. Website screenshot 3.


The Water Wheel Breakfast and Gift House

I worked closely with the owners of The Water Wheel in New Hampshire to design a website and photograph their restaurant for use as marketing material on the site.

Website mockup 1.

What's on your mind?

You can also email me directly: [email protected]