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  • Informed Green Solutions, Inc.

    Informed Green Solutions, Inc. (IGS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization promoting environmentally friendly purchasing. Located in Vermont, IGS works with schools and other organizations to keep employees, employers, and the average person informed about green products.

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  • News 7 Broadcast Graphics

    News 7 graphics revamp consisted of 5 full screens, 7 news lower thirds, a microphone flag version of the logo, and the regular version of the logo.

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  • News 7 Website

    The News 7 website provides a live view of the newsroom as well as the ability to watch the 5:30pm news live online. Archives are also collected and provided for viewers to go back an watch any news that they missed.

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  • Lincoln's Country Store

    Lincoln's Country Store is located in Maine on Route 1 and is an all-in-one stop. Employee bios and weekly deals are now available to regular customers as well as news ones looking for a good price.

  • Electronic Journalism Arts

    The Electronic Journalsim Arts department at Lyndon State College oversees News 7 as well as all electronic journalism studies.

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  • Dying with Dignity?

    A documentary reflecting on how we approach death with regards to our pets versus our (human) family members.

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  • Incubator Without Walls (iWow)

    Incubator Without Walls is the leader in developing the skilled work force that powers Northeast Kingdom economic growth. They provide a wide array of programs and services designed to prepare individual students and businesses for success in the workplace and the regional economy.

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  • Mrs. Butterworth Documentary

    A documentary showcasing Mrs. Butterworth and her rise to fame. Edited using Final Cut Pro and my imagination.

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  • Balto

    Balto is a conceptual band with this website demonstrating interaction of photography and CSS to present an eye appealing appraoch showcasing a band.

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  • Yellowstone National Park

    Using ActionScript 3.0, this guide showcases well known destinations within Yellowstone National Park.

  • The Water Wheel

    The Water Wheel Breakfast and Gift House provided me the opportunity to gain experience in website designing and communication. This site is not live.